Lymph Drainage Aftercare

Common detox symptoms you may experience:

*Increased urination  *Increased Sweating *Nausea  *Fatigue  *Headache/Migraine

 *Flu-like symptoms (no fever)  *Increased bowel movements


To help reduce detox symptoms:

Warm Water: Drink lots of room temperature water with electrolytes added (Pink Himalayan salt, Fulvic/Humic minerals (available thru me or on Amazon)).

Move your body: Increase your movement. Take a 10 minute walk.  Jump up and down. Dance.  Movement helps flush the toxins from your body.

Dry Brush: Use a soft, natural bristle brush to lightly brush your skin, starting at your collarbones down towards your feet, with all strokes going towards your heart. Brush sets available through me. 

Daily lymphatic clearing:  Continue to do your daily node clearing exercises to help move lymph through your body.